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Taricon Technologies

Thank you for visiting Taricon Technologies. We specialize in enterprise-class operations and system management software for users of UNIX and Linux systems. System administrators and operations managers around the globe rely on our products to automate, manage and monitor batch job processing, print spooling and computer-generated output. With support for all major versions of UNIX and Linux, Taricon Technologies can help any size IT department improve efficiency, reduce costs and consolidate operational controls.

Xi-Batch LT and Xi-Text LT now available for SCO UNIX systems

Taricon Technologies announces the availability of Xi-Batch LT and Xi-Text LT for the SCO UNIX market.  These products are tailored to the needs of software developers and resellers implementing solutions on servers running SCO UNIX. Our exclusive distributor for these products is Terian Solutions LLC.  Click here for more information. 

Our Products

Xi-Text - A high-performance UNIX print spooler and printer manager, provides a common interface between applications and printing resources. Xi-Text can manage any number of hosts and printers, providing seamless printer sharing, fault tolerance and centralized control. If you have unique or varied printing requirements, Xi-Text has the flexibility and rich set of UNIX printing features you need. Click here to read how Xi-Text has been an essential operations and quality assurance tool for a large print service bureau for the past 10 years.

Xi-Batch - A flexible, highly configurable job management tool for UNIX and Linux servers and networks. Xi-Batch provides job scheduling, job chaining (even across multiple hosts and sites), cross-platform interoperability and much more. Client software for NT and Windows 2000/XP servers allows true cross-platform job scheduling, monitoring and control. UNIX job scheduling has never been easier.

Unlike large "framework" products, our products focus on a single management function.  We've invested more than a decade of development making our job scheduling and printing management products the most robust and flexible tools on the market. Click here to learn more about Workload Automation for distributed systems.

Both Xi-Text and Xi-Batch provide command-line, full screen character mode, GUI and web based administration and user interfaces. Full API support for developers and integrators is also available. Contact Taricon Technologies for information on quantity discounts, site and corporate licensing as well as OEM availability.

Company Profile

Taricon Technologies is a North American distributor of Xi-Text and Xi-Batch, enterprise-class software products for administrators of UNIX and Linux computer networks. Taricon is a subsidiary of Xi Software Ltd., developers of Xi-Text and Xi-Batch.

Based in the United Kingdom, Xi Software Ltd. was founded in 1986, and concentrates on developing high-quality software products for UNIX systems. We are members of the Sun iForce program, Hewlett-Packard's Solutions Alliance and IBM's Business Partner program.

We pride ourselves on the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers. One user says simply, "It works great!" Another reports, "We have been long time users of your product and don't know if we could have lived without it."

If your company is a reseller, integrator or technology consulting firm and you're interested in becoming a Taricon business partner, please send an e-mail to

Contact Information

Please contact us with any product questions, or to request an evaluation of Xi-Text or Xi-Batch. European visitors, please visit the web site of Xi Software Ltd.



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