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A leading IT analyst reports, "Historically, companies have wasted up to 35% of their IT budgets from poor process, workflow and project management. With IT budgets remaining flat for the near term, it is imperative that companies improve in these areas and tightly couple IT with the requirements of the business." 

Xi-Batch Improves Process Efficiency and Reduces Administrator Workload

Xi-Batch is a flexible general purpose job scheduling and control system for standalone and networked UNIX and Linux systems. The system provides seamless, cross-platform operation across networked systems, and offers a variety of user and administrative interfaces in graphical and character modes.

Xi-Batch provides timed and repetitive job scheduling, ad hoc job submission, job chaining and monitoring services in a unified environment. Xi-Batch can handle complex scheduling requirements, using time/date, file monitoring, simple or complex dependencies, condition testing and other factors.

Xi-Batch unifies the management of your server environment, with the broadest platform support available, from desktop systems to mainframes. Xi-Batch supports virtually all Linux distributions, as well as Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, SCO and many others. Optional client modules for Microsoft-based servers permit jobs to be scheduled and monitored on NT/2000/XP servers.

Database administrators rely on Xi-Batch to accurately and reliably place database systems into backup mode, initiate backup applications, then restore the applications to a production state. Systems administrators use Xi-Batch to initiate data transfers, trigger reporting routines, and perform periodic system maintenance.

Load balancing and remote submission features make Xi-Batch an indispensable management tool for ASP, ISP and other multi-user data center installations.

For nearly two decades, data center operations managers have relied upon Xi-Batch for robust, scaleable job management in complex environments. 

Xi-Batch has enterprise-class features on a par with the job control modules of leading integrated systems management suites. Xi-Batch provides local, remote and global conditions and dependencies, file monitoring, load balancing and complex conditional testing. But unlike large "framework" products, Xi-Batch is cost-effective and easy to deploy and manage.

What's running on your systems?

With Xi-Batch, you have a common point of monitoring and control for all jobs, for all users, across all systems in your network. Job information in this display is color-coded for ease of use, and the display can be reconfigured to suit the needs of operators, individual users and data center managers. Point-and-click control lets you adjust job priorities, start jobs on the queue, change scheduling criteria and other operating and housekeeping tasks.

The X-Windows/Motif operator interface is shown here, but Xi-Batch also provides interfaces for character terminals, Microsoft Windows users, as well as a full command-line and API interface.

Free trial copies of Xi-Batch are available upon request.  In many cases, we can even do a remote installation for you, allowing you to begin your evaluation almost immediately!

Click here to see some of Xi-Batch's many features.

View or download a product brochure on Xi-Batch. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Doing an evaluation? Click here to view or download a "Getting Started" guide to Xi-Batch job management.

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